5 items to pack on your next adventure (all from Maine companies, too)

Great adventures (big or small) are all about exploring new-to-you places, seeing new things and enjoying good company. It also helps to have some handy grub and a solid backpack to hold all your stuff.

1. GrandyOats

Photo courtesy of GrandyOats

GrandyOats has been making granola in Maine for nearly 40 years. And while a bag of Chocolate Chunk Coconola is great to munch in the comfort of your own kitchen, it also makes for an excellent trail snack. Try the Classic Granola, Honey Nut Granola, Coffee Crunch Coconola (coconut granola) or Swiss Style Muesli, among others! Find GrandyOats in most grocery stories or buy in bulk online. (grandyoats.com)

2. Hyperlite Stuff Sacks

Photo courtesy of Hyperlite Mountain Gear

All of Hyperlite’s gear is meant for lightweight and easy carrying, whether you’re backpacking in the woods for days or going on a fun day trip. You can cram a lot into the Stuff Sacks—both the Roll-Top (starting at $40) and Drawstring Stuff Sacks (starting at $20) come in a range of sizes—while ensuring your stuff stays dry. The Stuff Sack Pillows double as a waterproof gear bag and a place to rest your noggin at night (starting at $37) and the stackable, weatherproof Pods exploit every inch of packable space (starting at $50). (hyperlitemountaingear.com)

3. Redd Bar

Photo courtesy of Redd Bar

What started as “concoction,” founder Alden Blease put together on a tight college student’s budget—and sold to fellow students out of his backpack—is now Redd Bar. The energy bars, which include flavors like Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter, Mint and Oatmeal, are chock full of good stuff, like chia seeds, quinoa, acai and mangosteen. And none of that filler nonsense. (And the bars still fit quite nicely in a backpack. (How handy.) Find Redd Bar at Hannaford, Amato’s and Rosemont Market, among other locations (full list on the website). (reddbar.com)

4. Good To-Go

Photo by Jay Kolsch

Your trail food—much like your adventures—shouldn’t be “meh.” Good To-Go, based in Kittery, makes good-tasting and easy-traveling dehydrated meals. Meals include entrees like Thai Curry, Mexican Quinoa Bowl, Pad Thai and Herbed Mushroom Risotto, as well as breakfast options like Granola and Oatmeal. Simply add hot water to the bag. Find Good To-Go at L.L.Bean, Eastern Mountain Sports, and Maine Bike Works, or buy online. (goodto-go.com)

Photo courtesy of Fan Si Pan Outdoors

5. FSP Lo Alpine Daypack

Handmade in Maine, Fan Si Pan Outdoors backpacks are made to be durable, simple and comfortable. Perfect for a day hike—or just everyday use—the FSP Lo Alpine Daypack ($164) is expandable, comes in a variety of colors and has a nylon roll top, should the weather turn south. Check out FSP’s Original Rucksack if you need more space, and the FSP Fannypacks for carrying small items. (fspoutdoors.com)

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